Richmond Park – Stories of my best prints and posters

Richmond park is where I started my photographic journey and I still to this day massively enjoy photographing the park and all its beautiful inhabitants. Back in 2001-2002 I started to become interested in photography in general and bought myself one of the first Canon digital cameras, and the first place I visited to test it out was Richmond park. Richmond park proved to be the go to area to practice my skills for many reasons. Firstly I lived on the border on the park. Secondly the sheer size and accessibilty of the park. Thirdly the scope for different imagery. This diversity came from the number of species and the seasonal changes.

Realm of the Deer

One of the first photos and still best selling poster print of the park was taken in my first year or so in the park. It was actually a lucky shot. Lucky to be there in the first place and lucky to have all those stags align perfectly in a stunning mystical autumn setting. Just goes to show you that you dont need to be a professional or have all the gear. I was at the right place at the right time.

Realm of the Deer

How I photographed the park

After the success online of Realm of the Deer photo, I made even more of an effort to catalogue and capture the majesty of this stunning park. I would go every morning before work. Early mornings were particularily fruitful. In those early days I would be one of the only if not the only photographer in the park. The mornings with mist and sunrise in the autumn especially were a sight to behold. Those were the mornings I photographed addictively. The main way I made the most of the light was to cycle around the park. If nothing was happening at a particular scene I would cycle off to the next location. I was always, and still to this day looking for a subject, but also the backdrop and atmosphere and light. I was never interested in just a photo of a stag, I wanted to place that stag in a moody misty background and environment.

One Man and His Dog Print

Richmond Park in the Press

After a few years I had captured quite a number of photos I was proud of. I posted these on various photo sites at the time. One was on Flickr, and it was here a journalist found my Richmond park photos and decided to do a story about my work. This story A year in Richmond Park was snapped up by all the major tabloids and newspapers. And it was this that caught the attention of National Geographic magazine. In particular the photo of a mute swan on Beverley Brook called Angel.

Angel print

On top of this an exhibition was launched somewhere in Hyde park, displaying all my best prints at the time. Here I met a publisher who was keen to make these prints and photos appear in a published book, Richmond Park. This book of Richmond park is now sold out, but a new version will hopefully be published this year. You can view and buy a preliminary version I made on Blurb, the self publishing website.

Lord of Fire – Print of a Richmond Park Stag

My Prints of Richmond Park

A number of years later many of these prints of Richmond park were being sold at a shop gallery in central Richmond. Unfortunately this gallery closed its doors in 2013. But it gave me the idea of starting my own artisan stall at Duckpond market in Heron square by Richmond bridge. Here I sell mounted and frame prints every Sunday on top of the ability to buy them through this website too. Many of the best selling prints are of the famous stags in the park, but of late I have been photographing the beautiful riverside and these are hugely popular. Below are a few of the best sellers.

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